Hakonechloa macra Nicolas

Hakonechloa macra Nicolas


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Hakonechloa macra Nicolas is a warm-coloured form of ornamental Japanese Forest Grass, (also known as Hakone Grass). Its slow, non-invasive habit makes it ideal for softening the edge of borders. The foliage comprises gently arching blades of grass in fiery colours that move relaxingly in the breeze. Unobtrusive flower spikes in a delicate green appear towards the end of the summer. As the plant matures towards the autumn, the red, orange and gold of the leaves deepens in colour.

Ideally plant in clumps or drifts on the edge of borders or in containers to soften hard lines or contrast with sculptural features.

Pot size: 5L

Common Name: Hakone Grass, Japanes Forest Grass

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Height and Spread: 40cm x 35cm

Preferred Soil Type: Any moist but well drained soil, even dry clay, or sand
Position: Full sun / partial shade

Aspect: Any

Care: Cut back in late winter, divide in spring if necessary

Pot size: 5L