Polystichum Herrenhausen

Polystichum Herrenhausen


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Polystichum setiferum Herrenhausen was named in 1970 when it was recognised as a distinct variety of the Soft Shield Fern (Polystichum setiferum). It was discovered in the magnificent seventeenth-century Great Gardens of the Herrenhausen Palace, near Hanover.

Particularly eye-catching are the new, tightly curled shoots of the fronds (aptly called ‘croziers’, after a bishop’s staff) which are both silky textured and pearly white. These unfurl to form delicately filigreed fronds, the very tips of which remain curled and retain the pearly white colour of the croziers.

Unlike its larger relations, P. Herrenhausen is compact, emerging in the spring from a restrained rosette, which makes it ideal for the front of a shady, damp border, for planting under trees or in a well-watered container. Being evergreen, it provides elegance in awkward corners throughout the year.

Pot size: 2L

Common Name: Soft Shield Fern

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Height and Spread: 90cm x 50cm

Preferred Soil Type: Moist, fertile soil

Position: Part shade, shade

Care: Remove old fronds in spring