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Aloysia Citriodora Spilsbury Mint


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This tender, evergreen shrub with its delicate lilac flowers, is a well-kept secret. We are aware, as we recommend it so strongly, that it may not set your garden on fire visually, but the remarkable spearmint fragrance of its leaves makes up for this. Plant sun-loving Aloysia Citriodora Spilsbury Mint in a container on the terrace, by a door, or in a border by a well-trodden path and you will find you, your children and friends will detour to brush past it and savour its invigorating scent. 

Pot Size: 2.5L


Common NameMint Verbena, Verveine

Hardiness: Tender

Height and Spread: 2.5m x 2m in a border, up to 1m in a container

Preferred Soil Type: Well drained or dry soil, moderately fertile or even poor
Position: Full sun, sheltered

Flowering Period: June – July