Coriander in a Hairy Pot

Coriander in a Hairy Pot


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Coriander is a dual purpose, tender annual herb, grown for its seeds or fresh young leaves. Coriander seeds are delicious in cakes and, when crushed, add an orangey flavour to meat dishes. The young leaves of Coriander are often called 'Cilantro'. Popular in Mexican, Arabian, Indian and Chinese cuisines. Finely chop theleaves and add to chicken soup to give it a Latin touch or soak the crushed seeds in hot water and add the liquid only to cubes of pork simmering in tomatoes for a real Mexican flavour. Best grown in a sunny, sheltered spot in well-drained soil.

The pungent aroma of the leaves is reputed to keep fleas away!

Eco-friendly: This herb plant is grown in peat free compost in a biodegradable pot made from waste coir with natural latex.

Height and Spread: 60cm x 60cm

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