Salvia rosmarinus Prostratus (now Rosmarinus officinalis Prostratus)

Rosmarinus Prostratus in a Hairy Pot


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Rosmarinus officinalis (recently reclassified as Salvia rosmarinus) Prostratus is a trailing form of perennial rosemary, known as Creeping Rosemary, grown as a culinary herb. It has the same great smell and flavour, but with a spreading and dangly habit ideal for baskets and containers, or place by a path where you will brush against it as you walk past.

Rosemary is an evergreen plant hailing from the Mediterranean, with aromatic, dark green, glossy, linear leaves, and small blue-purple flowers in small axillary clusters in spring and early summer, and occasionally in autumn.

The leaves are superb for use with anything roasted and in stews. If you remember, use the shoot tips to make a memory restoring tea...

Pot size: 1L

Common Name: Creeping Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis

Hardiness: Hardy to –10°C

Height and Spread: 50cm x 150cm, over 10 years

Preferred Soil Type: Well-drained, or moist but well-drained soil

Aspect: Full sun

Position: South or west facing, sheltered

Flowering Period: April – June

Care: Prune in spring to encourage tender growth for culinary use