Thymus - Variegated

Thymus - Variegated


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Thymus, or variegated thyme, forms a lovely mound of evergreen, variegated foliage with pretty, tiny flowers (usually purple/pink) in June, beloved of native pollinators. Being a culinary herb, it stimulates the appetite and helps the digestion of fatty foods. All thymes are excellent as a flavouring for cooking, adding depth to casseroles, stuffing, and an important component of mixed herbs and bouquet garni.

Variegated thyme is also an obliging companion plant, particularly striking planted alongside lavenders (they share the same love of Mediterranean heat and dryness). Plant in parterres, on the edge of terraces or in containers where, as you brush past, the aroma will fill the air. (It is also a great natural deterrent to cabbage root-fly or cabbage worm.)

Pot size: 2/3L


Height and Spread: 25cm x 40cm

Preferred Soil Type: Any moderately fertile, well-drained soil

Aspect: Full sun

Flowering Period: June 

Care: Trim lightly after flowering to maintain shape

Please note these are unspecified, but all variegated leaf varieties of thymes, all of which are aromatic and will flower.