Variegated Lemon Balm in a Hairy Pot

Variegated Lemon Balm in a Hairy Pot


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A bushy herb, Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) resembles mint in appearance, with attractive variegated leaves and a strong lemon scent when brushed or rubbed. The leaves make a calming balm tea. Great for adding to stuffings, soups, tea, salads and fruit salads. Said to aid memory retention.

This perennial needs a little shelter from the full sun to prevent scorching of the coloured leaves, but is happy in any soil. It forms a mound and is less invasive than the green form, rarely self-seeding. The tiny flowers are attractive to honey bees.

Eco-friendly: This herb plant is grown in peat free compost in a biodegradable pot made from waste coir with natural latex.

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