Pieris japonica Katsura, detail of foliage

Pieris japonica Katsura


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Typically in the soil local to Burford, Pieris japonica Katsura needs to be planted either in a container in ericaceous soil ('acid soil'), or in an ericaceous bed, but the effort is well worth it. A particularly attractive evergreen shrub, this Pieris produces prettily pointed, ovate leaves which when young are a wonderfully deep red, almost burgundy colour, providing interest throughout the year. In very early spring, a mass of rose-pink buds appears, maturing into paler, urn-shaped flowers.

This rewarding shrub makes a statement in a container on a sheltered terrace and adds an Oriental flavour alongside the lovely colour of autumnal Acers. 

Pot size: 2L

Common Name: Lily of the Valley Shrub

Height and Spread: 50-100cm x 50-100cm

Preferred Soil Type: Free-draining, ericaceous soil

Aspect: South, west or east facing

Position: Full sun, sheltered

Flowering Period: May