Eryngium Magical Blue Lagoon

Eryngium Magical Blue Lagoon


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Eryngium is a family of thistle-like plants, also known as Sea Holly, that is highly regarded for its sculptural, spikey appearance and superb metallic colour.

The new variety, Eryngium planum Magical Blue Lagoon, is a particularly fine example. From afar the perennial appears to float in a miasma of purple and blue; close to, and as the heads mature, the blue is more defined and intense.

Eye-catching in form, the 'thistles' branch out from rigid stems and form multiple flower heads. The leaves are softer in shape and a lighter green than other varieties. Each head, bullet-shaped like a miniature teasel, is surrounded by a blue veined, spiny ruff creating a lacy outline that would be the envy of the Grimm brothers.

Position this fairytale plant in a hot, sunny border and watch as native pollinators happily navigate their way in.

Pot Size: 3L

Common Name: Sea Holly

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Height and Spread: 100cm x 50cm

Preferred Soil Type: Any dry, well-drained, poor to moderately fertile soil (i.e. average soil)

Position: Full sun (for best colour)

Aspect: South, west or east facing

Care: Protect from winter wet