Kniphofia Red Hot Popsicle

Kniphofia Red Hot Popsicle


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Oddly, the hard to pronounce Kniphofia (try ‘nif-of-e-a’) is one of the first garden plants many of us recognise as a child, but by its common name - Red Hot Poker. This variety is special:

K. Red Hot Popsicle has the distinctive form of the familiar plant, but it is more refined. Rather than the hot poker colour shading from yellow to red, here it is a consistent, deep, rich, orange, described as cinnamon. Being less vibrant, it is easier to place in the front of a mixed border, which may have shades of blue and purple.

Compact in form with ascending, grass-like leaves, this dwarf herbaceous perennial is perfect for a smaller garden and can be planted in containers to dramatic effect. Its pokers, raised on strong stalks, flower throughout late summer and attract bees and butterflies.

A distant relation of the giant plant to which the late eighteenth-century German botanist Johan Kniphof gave his name, K. Red Hot Popsicle still evokes the shimmering heat and drama of its native South Africa.
Pot Size: 2L

Common Name: Red Hot Poker

Hardiness: Hardy

Height and Spread: 50cm x 40cm

Preferred Soil Type: Well drained

Aspect: South or West facing

Position: Full sun

Flowering Period: June – August