Lavandula stoechas Lusi Pink

Lavandula stoechas Lusi Pink


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Lavandula stoechas Lusi pink is a wonderful variety of French lavender, with so much to recommend. The tightly packed, purple flower heads are highly scented and attractive to native pollinators. From the top of these flower heads emerge slightly frilled pink ‘ears’ (delicate bracts rather than petals), which wave like tiny flags in the breeze providing a refined sea of pink in the border.

The plant itself is upright in form and the evergreen foliage is grey/green, with a highly aromatic scent if crushed, augmenting the lavender scent from the flowers. An especially useful characteristic is that despite its Mediterranean origin, L. stoechas Lusi pink, is particularly tolerant of the English winter.

This lovely French Lavender is perfect for borders and containers.


Pot Size: 2L


Common Name: French Lavender

Hardiness: Hardy

Height and Spread: 60cm x 60cm

Preferred Soil Type: Well drained

Aspect: Full Sun/sheltered

Flowering Period: May – November