Rosa Graham Thomas (Ausmas) AGM (climbing rose) Image courtesy of David Austin English Roses

Rosa Graham Thomas AGM (climbing rose)


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English climbing roses are especially valued because, although vigorous, they are more restrained in their habit. Their free-flowering nature means that they bear numerous blooms right from the base of the plant, elegantly softening any hard lines in a garden. As a result, Rosa Graham Thomas (Ausmas) is an ideal choice to climb round a doorway, up a pillar or round an obelisk.

Set against mid green foliage, the repeat flowering bloom has a light tea fragrance, enhanced with hints of violet. Each bud opens out to form a full cup of rich, warm yellow petals and the overall effect is striking whether grown against wood, red brick or stone.

Graham Thomas was a highly revered horticulturalist and author who gathered together the national collection of roses at Mottisfont Abbey in Hampshire. He was a frequent visitor to the David Austin’s nursery and particularly selected this rose to bear his name.

Very healthy and reliable, this repeat flowering rose is a recipient of the RHS AGM (Award of Garden Merit), for all round excellence in the garden.

Pot size: 6L

Height: Up to 375cm

Aspect: Any

Position: Full sun / Partial shade

Soil Type: Any

Please note, in the autumn this rose is supplied as a potted plant, and will not produce any new roots until spring so it is usual for the soil to fall away from the roots when you remove it from the pot. It is best to plant it immediately.