Rosa Lady Emma Hamilton (Ausbrother)

Rosa Lady Emma Hamilton (shrub rose)


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Famed for its heady scent, with undertones of pear, grape and citrus, Rosa Lady Emma Hamilton (Ausbrother) is also lavishly beautiful. Dark red buds give a hint of the drama to follow, then come the full, chalice-shaped blooms. Tangerine orange petals lighten towards a more yellow-orange on the outer edges. The flowers are complemented by dark, almost bronze-green foliage that turns a dark green as it matures and retains a lustrous shine.

With an upright, bushy form that remains quite compact, this is an ideal shrub rose for mixed borders and large containers.   

There is a great sense of ‘rightness’ that David Austen named this exquisite rose after the tragic Emma. In her own times, she was famed for her intelligence, vivacity and beauty, as witnessed in numerous portraits by Romney. Towards the end of the eighteenth century, she and Horatio Nelson were the most celebrated couple in Britain; as Nelson’s mistress she was accepted by a nation grateful to its war hero. But by her death in 1815 (a decade after Nelson’s death at Trafalgar), the promises made to Nelson about Emma had long since been overlooked and she died forgotten.

Pot size: 6L

Height and Spread: 90cm x 90cm, over 5 years

Preferred Soil Type: Any free-draining soil

Aspect: East, south or west facing

Position: Open sunny position

Flowering Period: June – September

Care: Deadhead faded blooms to encourage repeat flowering