Rosa Princess Alexandra of Kent (Ausmerchant)

Rosa Princess Alexandra of Kent® (English shrub rose)


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Rosa Princess Alexandra of Kent® (Ausmerchant), from David Austin, is a gorgeous English Shrub Rose with unusually large, bright pink flowers which are full-petalled and deeply cupped. The ring of soft pink outer petals, enclosing the warm pink inner, creates a delightful effect. Upright and bushy the flowers are never clumsy, being nicely poised on a well-rounded shrub.

Pleasantly and strongly fragrant, with a fresh tea aroma which changes to lemon as the flower ages, eventually taking on additional hints of blackcurrant. Blooming almost continuously throughout the summer months, as well as being a repeat flowerer, this Old Rose Hybrid is reliable and has excellent disease resistance. Great for punctuating mixed borders or creating a wonderful rose hedge where you can enjoy its fragrance all summer long.

Named after Princess Alexandra of Kent, a cousin to Queen Elizabeth II and a keen gardener.

Pot Size: 6L

Hardiness: Hardy

Height and Spead: 150cm x 120cm

Preferred soil type: Any free draining soil

Aspect: Any

Position: Full Sun / Partial Shade 

Flowering Period: June – September