Rosa Queen of Sweden® (shrub rose) - Image courtesy of David Austin Roses

Rosa Queen of Sweden® (shrub rose)


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In the gentlest of tones, Rosa Queen of Sweden® (Austiger) produces charming, small apricot pink buds which open into shallow, upward facing cups with regularly arranged petals that turn a lovely soft pink against its matt, mid-green foliage. In addition to its obvious visual beauty, it has a lovely soft myrrh fragrance.

Due to its bushy, upright habit, R. Queen of Sweden can be planted to form a successful hedge. In a border, it has great impact if planted in groups and is especially appreciated because of its tolerance of a semi-shaded position. It is especially appreciated in a cutting garden due to the regularity and straightness of the flower stems which create superb arrangements.

Bred by the famous David Austin nursery in 2004, it was named after the Queen of Sweden in honour of a treaty of friendship and commerce signed by Sweden and Britain.

Pot size: 6L

Height and Spread: 90cm x 90cm over 5 years

Preferred Soil Type: Any free-draining soil

Aspect: Any

Position: Full sun or partial shade

Flowering Period: Repeat flowering, June – Autumn

Care: Deadhead faded flowers to encourage repeat flowering

Please note, in the autumn this rose is supplied as a potted plant, and will not produce any new roots until spring so it is usual for the soil to fall away from the roots when you remove it from the pot. It is best to plant it immediately.