Rosa Rambling Rector (rambling rose) Image courtesy of David Austin English Roses

Rosa Rambling Rector (rambler rose)


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The whimsical name of this rose conjures up scenes from Jane Austen, and there is a lacy delicacy to this variety that makes this appropriate. The blooms appear as an abundance of creamy white, semi-double flowers held on attractively structural twiggy growth. As the blooms mature, they gradually pale to pure white. Accompanying this cloud-like mass of white is an unusually powerful scent of cloves, strong enough to stop you in your tracks.

R. Rambling Rector lives up to its name and is ideal for rambling along fences, training up walls, or through trees. It will reach over 7m and from this height it will form elegant drapes of single white blooms that attract bees.

It is impossible to deadhead such a vigorous rose, so leave the mature blooms where they are and in the autumn you will be rewarded by an equal abundance of small but handsome hips.

Pot size: 6L

Hardiness: Hardy

Height and Spread: H 7.5m

Preferred Soil Type: Humus-rich, moist, fertile, well-drained soil

Position: Full sun

Flowering Period: July – August