Rosa Tranquillity® (Ausnoble)

Rosa Tranquillity® (shrub rose)


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Rosa Tranquillity® (Ausnoble) is another reliable shrub rose from David Austin. It carries pure white, perfectly formed rosette flowers with a heavenly light apple fragrance. Not only is it a repeat flowerer, and vigorous, healthy shrub, but it is almost thornless.

Pot Size: 6L


Height and Spread: 125cm x 50cm

Preferred Soil Type: Any free-draining soil

Aspect: Any

Position: Open sunny position / Very light shade

Flowering Period: June – September

Care: Remove faded flowers; prune in March

Please note, in the autumn this rose is supplied as a potted plant, and will not produce any new roots until spring so it is usual for the soil to fall away from the roots when you remove it from the pot. It is best to plant it immediately.