Salix caprea Kilmarnock pendula

Salix caprea Kilmarnock pendula


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Salix caprea Kilmarnock, or weeping Kilmarnock willow, is a small, rounded deciduous tree of pendulant habit. It has yellowish branches and a dense cover of dark green oval leaves. The large, fluffy grey buds become catkins with yellow anthers, opening before the leaves, giving a welcome splash of colour against the bare dark stems. The stems are ideal for winter flower arrangements. A delightful accent tree for the smaller garden.

Comes in two sizes. Larger sizes may be available in store.

Common Name: Weeping Kilmarnock Willow

Hardiness: Hardy
Height and Spread: 200cm x 200cm
Preferred Soil Type: Well drained / Moist but well drained
Aspect: Full sun
Flowering Period: March – April