Ceanothus Concha

Ceanothus Concha


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Flowering around April to May (depending on the year), the Ceanothus, also known as the Californian lilac, is the most distinctive shrub, producing a mass of brilliant blue flowers. Not only are the flowers a dazzling colour, but they are pollen/nectar rich and hugely attractive to native pollinating insects. 

C. Concha is a particularly fine example of this evergreen shrub, its branches arching attractively with the weight of small, shiny leaves and abundant flowers. This statement shrub is a familiar sight in many cottage gardens, billowing blue blossoms over fences or against local dry stone walls, for a very good reason. 

Pot size: 3/4L

Common Name: Californian lilac

Hardiness: Hardy

Height and Spread: 300cm x 300cm after 10 years

Preferred Soil Type: Well drained, moist soil

Aspect: South, east or west facing

Position: Full sun, sheltered

Flowering Period: April - May