Clematis montana Rubens

Clematis montana Rubens


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Clematis montana Rubens is the pink form of the highly successful white Clematis montana. With the same vigorous habit, this variety produces copious scented flower throughout May and June.  The flowers appear in the familiar montana form: four, rounded petals in a flat star shape, 6cm in diameter, but here they are a warm, rose pink set off by the yellow centre. The deciduous foliage is mid green, but the new leaves have a subtle bronze tint. 

If you are hoping to cover a large expanse of wall quickly, this is an ideal choice.  Hardy C. montana Rubens will quickly grow up to 6m in height. In common with other clematis, position in sun or partial shade, with its roots shaded and in moist, well-drained soil. Obligingly, however, this variety will also tolerate a north facing wall or trellis. Alternatively, extend your garden’s flowering season by growing it through other plants or up trees to create a cascade of gentle, sweetly scented pink.

Pot size: 2L

Pot Size: 2L

Height and spread: 6m x 2.5m

Aspect: Any, especially north facing

Position: Sun or partial shade

Flowering Period: Late spring – early autumn

Care: Prune to tidy after first flowering