Clematis 'White Abundance'

Clematis 'White Abundance'


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This evergreen climber, Clematis x cartmanii 'White Abundance', has attractive, finely cut foliage with a trailing, prostrate or dwarf habit, so stays lower to the ground (just over a metre) and does not rampage through the border, its energies, instead, go into flowering. In the spring, it produces a profusion of creamy/white flowers with glorious yellow/green eyes and a delightful fragrance. By the autumn these blooms have become attractive, fluffy seed heads (think of its near relation Old Man's Beard in the hedgerow).

Pot Size: 2L

Hardiness: Hardy

Height and Spread1.15cm x 1.15cm after 5 years

Preferred Soil Type: Any fertile, well-drained soil

Position: South or west facing

Aspect:  Best in a sheltered position. Locate away from exposed areas with high winds

Flowering Period: January – March