Digitalis purpurea Dalmation Cream

Digitalis purpurea Dalmation Cream


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Foxgloves are a familiar and beloved sight in cottage gardens where they punctuate the herbaceous border with picturesque spires of colour. Digitalis purpurea Dalmation Cream is a newer strain taken from the traditional D. purpurea, its creamy pink flowers on mid-green leaves makes it a gentle foil for other more stridently coloured herbaceous plants such as peonies. The elegant spires of this hardy foxglove are more compact than some, reaching 60cm in height, and are perfect for the middle of a sunny border.

The main foxglove flower is called the ‘king’ flower; cut this back after flowering to encourage lower shoots to bloom, but before doing so allow the bees to do their busy work. The individual creamy coloured flowers that graduate up the stem, flare gently at the end allowing a perfect display of the deep purple spotty markings that give the plant its name.

Pot Size: 3L

Common Name: Foxglove

Hardiness:  Fully hardy

Height and Spread: 60cm x 40cm

Aspect: Any

Position: Sun or partial shade

Flowering Period: June - July