Euonymus 'Bravo' mini standard

Euonymus 'Bravo' mini standard


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This Euonymus 'Bravo' mini standard has been trained in an attractive lollipop shape to great effect.

E. japonica 'Bravo' are semi-evergreen shrubs (they may lose some of their leaves in winter, to be replaced in spring) and are famously robust. This variegated example with its handsomely marked leaves would look excellent planted in a container on a sunny, or partially shady, terrace. Euonymus standards are also visually effective punctuating a herbaceous border or, in serried ranks, adding rhythm to a formal parterre.

Pots size: 9L

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Hardiness:  Fully hardy

Height and Spread: Trained mini standard: H:90cm, W (of lollipop):29cm (clipped to shape)

Aspect: Any

Position: Full sun or partial shade

Flowering Period: Insignificant flowers in summer

Care: Lightly clip to retain shape in late spring

Toxic if eaten