Exochorda Niagra

Exochorda racemosa Niagra


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This wonderful, free-flowering Exochorda racemosa Niagra will be a glorious early highlight in your garden. Throughout spring the branches of this tall, deciduous shrub or small tree are covered in an abundance of saucer-shaped pure white flowers that emerge from pearl-like buds, hence its common name Pearl bush or Pearl tree. The enchanting white flowers are unaffected by spring frosts. The habit of E. Niagra is shrubbier, less splayed than other varieties, its more compact branches producing oblong, mid-green leaves in spring and summer.

Exochorda is a delightful, well-kept spring secret, and will prove an ideal addition to the garden border.

Pot Size: 3L

Common Name: Pearl Bush, Pearl Tree, Sawtooth Pearl Bush

Hardiness: Hardy to -20°

Height and Spread: 150cm x 150cm, after 10–20 years

Preferred Soil Type: Any fertile moist but well-drained soil, except for chalk, mulch round base in spring

Position:  Any aspect, in full sun or partial shade

Flowering Period: April – May

Care: Cut out old wood after flowering if required