Phormium Gold Ray

Phormium Gold Ray


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Phormium Gold Ray is a wonderfully architectural plant, which adds structure to the garden. Evergreen and clump forming, it produces a mass of leathery, sword shaped leaves in mid-green with grey/green stripes and creamy yellow margins. These colourful leaves arch beautifully as the plant matures and move pleasingly in the wind. In mid-summer it will produce an erect, leafless stem which bursts into a panicle of tubular flowers.

This eye-catching perennial is happiest planted in early spring, or autumn. Robust and hardy, with its roots in New Zealand, it is drought tolerant (once established), and is obligingly deer and rabbit proof. It looks best planted in a sunny border or in a suitable container in a warm spot on the terrace.

We have a large selection of other Phormiums, different varieties, different sizes, in store. 

Pot Size: 2L




Common Names: Flax lily, New Zealand Flax

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Height and Spread: 150cm - 250cm x 150cm in 5-10 years

Preferred Soil Type: Very well drained soil - add grit if necessary

Aspect: East, South, West facing

Position: Full sun or partial shade

Flowering Period: July-August

Care: In more exposed areas, mulch base of plant as protection in winter