Standard Olea Leccino

Standard 'Olive Tree' Olea leccino


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In common with all trained olive trees, this striking Standard Olea leccino creates an instant visual impact. Its sophisticated appearance is highly versatile, perfect for statement planting in an urban courtyard, punctuating the formality of a parterre, or accentuating a vista.

A vigorous plant, O. leccino establishes a pendulous canopy of silvery foliage, which predisposes it for being trained as a standard. Being able to tolerate cold more than other varieties, it is better suited to the English climate.

Traced back to mediaeval Tuscany, O. europaea leccino is one of the primary olive cultivars, traditionally grown in groves for the production of oil. Purple/black olives develop from inconspicuous white flowers, but should you be hoping for an olive crop, you would need to plant companion trees since it is not self-pollinating. Better by far to enjoy the beauty of this classsical tree and let it effortlessly transport you to the Tuscan hillsides.


Pot size: 10L


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Common Name: Standard Olive

Hardiness: Hardy to –10°C

Height and Spread: approx 230cm x 100cm

Preferred Soil Type: Any moderately fertile, not too rich, well-drained soil

Aspect: Full sun

Care: Trim lightly after flowering to maintain shape