Trachelospermum jasminoides

Trachelospermum jasminoides


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Trachelospermum jasminoides or Star Jasmine is hugely loved for a very good reason. A vigorous, evergreen climber, its glossy, dark green leaves, ovate in form, turn a lovely bronze then red through winter. It is, however, for the exotic flowers that Star Jasmine is chosen. From June onwards, clusters of star-shaped, waxy blooms comprising five petals cover the shrub and the scent, particularly in the evening, is intoxicatingly wonderful.

Star Jasmine is a delightful evergreen climber if you wish to cover a sheltered, sunny wall, arch or pergola. It can also be grown inside a greenhouse or conservatory but needs protection from scorching through the glass. When first planted it may need a little persuasion to climb but once established it will self-twine and develop lovely arched branches bearing flowers. Its scent recommends it for entrances or terraces.

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Pot size: 4L

Common Name: Star Jasmine, Confederate Jasmine, Trader's Compass, Chinese Ivy

Height and spread: 4-6m x 4-6m after 5 years

Aspect: South, East or West facing

Position: Sun or partial shade, sheltered

Flowering Period: Late spring – early autumn

Care: Prune to tidy in early spring