Dahlia Eveline

Dahlia Eveline loose tubers x 5


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One of the taller dahlias, the elegant Eveline Dahlia has magnificent globe-shaped double flowers of ivory-white with the centre and petal edges flushed lilac. This tuberous perennial is lovely combined with white flowers in the centre of a border, or in a pot.

Classed as a ball dahlia, rounded with a flat top, the long-stemmed blooms of D. Eveline are pretty in flower arrangements, and last well when cut. Keep picking and deadheading dahlias to encourage even more flowers.

Dahlias are colourful plants ideal for use in mixed herbaceous or bedding borders to give a real splash of colour in late summer and early autumn. They are named after the Swedish botanist A. Dahl, which may help you remember the spelling.


Tubers per pack: 5

Hardiness: Half hardy

Height and Spread: 100cm x 50cm

Preferred Soil Type: Any fertile, humus-rich, moist but well-drained soil

Position: Full sun / Partial shade

Aspect: East, west or south facing, sheltered

Flowering Period: July – November

Planting: Plant outside after risk of frost has passed, 15cm deep, 60cm apart; or start off in pots under glass in late winter to early spring.

Care: Feed weekly, and water well in hot weather. The tall flower stems will require staking and tying in, but this is well worth the trouble for the magnificent display that they produce. Larger flowers can be obtained by pinching out the side buds and just keeping the terminal buds. Lift the tubers once the foliage has died back and store in a frost-free location in moist sand or compost.