Alstroemeria Colorita

Alstroemeria Colorita


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The brilliantly coloured and beautifully marked flowers of Alstroemeria are familiar from bunches of cut flowers, but as a hardy perennial, they are a welcome addition to the herbaceous border as well as cutting beds.

Also known as the Lily of the Incas or the Peruvian Lily, the exotic looking flowers do resemble lilies with the same strong stems and luscious pale green foliage. Long lasting they will provide a show of colour from late April until July and look especially striking planted in zinc or lead containers.

The shade of A. Colorata – warm red to deep pink – may vary slightly from the image. 

Pot size: 3L


Common Name: Peruvian Lily, Lily of the Incas

Hardiness: Hardy 

Height and Spread: 60cm x 80cm

Preferred Soil Type: Well-drained 

Aspect: Full sun/partial shade

Flowering Period: June- September