Angelica archangelica

Angelica archangelica in a hairy pot


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Angelica’s other common name, ‘Angel’s Fishing Rod’ refers to the great height this plant will reach. The mature stem of the angelica is hollow and decoratively fluted. Flowering in July, the bright green umbels – bursting with tiny star-shaped flowers - are borne on contrasting crimson-pink stems and mature to produce small yellow fruits.

For centuries, A. archangelica has been used for medicinal purposes in its native Northern Europe (its other name is Norwegian angelica). John Gerard, writing in his famous English Herbal of 1597, noted that angelica was good for treating venomous bites. Now the seeds are more often used to add a distinctive flavour to gin; the candied stems add taste and colour to cakes or puddings. 

Try adding the stems of this robust perennial to cooking rhubarb to lessen the need for sugar, dry the aromatic leaves for pot-pourri, or plant it to draw native pollinators to your herbaceous border.

Pot Size: 1L

Common Names: Angel's Fishing Rod, A. officianalis, Norwedian Angelica, Wild Celery

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Height and Spread: 2.5cm x 30cm

Preferred Soil Type: Moist soil

Aspect: Any

Position: Full sun / Partial shade

Flowering Period:  July