Pennisetum thunbergii Red Buttons

Pennisetum thunbergii Red Buttons


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Pennisetum thunbergii Red Buttons is a pretty, compact ornamental grass of medium size, which forms a rounded mound. In early summer it has rounded bottle-brush or catkin-like flowers that are bright red. You won't be able to resist stroking as you go past. The flowers, which are popular with flower arrangers, turn brown as they age, and the bright green leaves turn beige in autumn.

A popular perennial grass, Pennisetum Red Buttons will add movement to your garden. Excellent when planted in drifts, but also has great impact as a statement specimen plant, to provide an accent, or in pots. It is also effective as an informal hedge.

As it is a fairly undistinguished plant until the flowers appear, try underplanting with spring bulbs or pair with early flowering perennials such as verbenas or sedums.

Pot Size: 3L