Polemonium Kaleidoscope

Polemonium Kaleidoscope


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The tricoloured foliage of this originally Chinese Polemonium yezoense Kaleidoscope, makes it remarkable. Clump forming, it is especially attractive planted in the front of a cottage garden border where its lance shaped, green leaves will emerge with purple edges that fade to a rich, creamy yellow as the season warms up. In late spring, tall, dark stalks then appear bearing lovely clusters of blue/purple flowers.

This special variegated variety was found by pure serendipity in a Scottish nursery in 2000 and has since been developed, being short-listed for Plant of the Year at Chelsea in 2018.

Pot size:2/3L

Common name: Jacob's Ladder

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Height and Spread: 50-100cm x 10-50cm

Position: Full sun / partial shade

Flowering Period: May – August

Care: Deadhead to deter self seeding