Spiraea Tor Gold

Spiraea Tor Gold


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Spiraea Tor Gold is a wonderfully chameleon-like, deciduous shrub, which forms a compact, rounded mound of foliage, making it attractive in a border and also easy to manage in a container ornamenting a terrrace.

A variety of Birchleaf Spiraea, the foliage, comprising rather fine, delicate leaves, starts the spring as orange/red shoots, which unfurl a golden yellow colour as they mature. Late spring sees a profusion of pretty white flowers in clusters, and then the foliage develops a more yellow/green tone, which is unusual in not being singed by the sun. By autumn, the leaves turn a lovely purple.

In summary, this hardy, delicately pretty shrub, adds a light touch!

Pot Size: 2L


Common Name: Birchleaf Spiraea

Hardiness: Hardy 

Height and Spread: 70cm x 50cm (after 5yrs)

Preferred Soil Type: Well drained or moist but well drained

Aspect: Full sun/partial shade

Position: Any, except south facing