Orchid Dendrobium (purple)

Orchid Dendrobium (purple)


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There is more than a thousand varieties of Dendrobium, which grow like a vine (sympodial) and produce pseudobulbs, or canes that grow up from the stem of the orchid, and act as water reservoirs. The name Dendrobium comes from the Greek words for tree and life, referring to the fact that the orchids are epiphytes, growing on trees or another plant without causing it harm. Dendrobiums are native to much of Asia.

These orchids are multi-flowered, with up to twelve 4cm blooms per stem. These flowers can lasting for more than two months before dropping. The common flower has three petals and three sepals (one of which is the lip, which acts as a landing place for pollinators).

Dendrobiums prefer to be in small pots with their roots confined.

Colour: Purple

Please note the flowers may vary slightly from that in the illustration.