Viburnum Shiny Dancer (detail)

Viburnum Shiny Dancer


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Like all viburnums, V. Shiny Dancer is an excellent specimen plant for your garden or border. It is easy to care for, tolerant of shade and unappealing to deer. But its main attraction lies in its foliage, which is almost unbelievably shiny.
The compact bush is covered with deeply corrugated, semi-evergreen leaves with delicate red margins. The leaves of the young growth are suffused with a red, bronze wash, with the same perfect, highly polished finish as the mature leaves. In autumn these leaves turn a marvellously glowing red.
In spring, the end of the leaf stalk produces a mass of star-shaped flowers in a rich creamy white, complementary to so many our our favourite herbaceous plants.
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Pot size: 19cm

Hardiness: Hardy to –25°

Height and Spread: 60cm x 45cm

Foliage: Semi-evergreen

Preferred Soil Type: Any

Aspect: Sun / partial shade / shade

Flowering Period: May-June

Care: Prune to shape after flowering