Festuca glauca Blue Fox

Festuca glauca Blue Fox


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Festuca is a dwarf ornamental grass with a neat rounded shape. The leaves of Festuca glauca Blue Fox (also known as Blaufuchs) are a bright silvery blue. Blue Fox is mainly grown for its fine foliage, which is best in full sun. It also produces tan flower spikes in summer, which fade to the colour of straw.

From the south of France, it is happy in dry situations. It prefers full sun and well drained soil and so is an ideal plant for gravel or rock gardens, prairie style planting and Mediterranean style gardens. It is low, so is great lining a path or at the front of the border.

Plant singly or in drifts, or place it in a patio pot. Try pairing with pennisetum, carex, sedum and geranium.

Pot Size: 3L

Common Name: Blue Fescue

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Height and Spread: 30cm x 20cm

Preferred Soil Type: Well drained or dry soil, moderately  fertile or even poor
Position: Full sun

Flowering Period: June – July

Care: Remove dead foliage in winter by hand. It tends to be short lived, but cut back in late winter to extend its life.