Helleborus Ice n Roses Rose

Helleborus Ice 'n' Roses Rose


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In common with many marvellous things which magically arrive around Christmas, this exquisite Hellebore originated in Germany, where the best attributes of H. niger (Christmas Rose) and H. orientalis (Lenten Rose) were bred together to produce near perfection. Achingly pretty, single blooms appear in profusion from purple tinged buds. Five-petalled, with a wonderful yellow centre, the open heads of the rosy purple flowers are unusually forward facing and so create a gratifying spectacle at a time of year when there is little colour in the borders.

While the flowers are a particular joy during the winter months, the evergreen foliage provides year-round interest. Vigorous and hardy, H. Ice n Roses Rose throws up mounds of deeply cut, finely serrated leaves from which tall stems emerge robustly carrying the flowers.

Wonderful in woodland gardens, shady borders or naturalised areas, where it has greatest impact if planted in drifts, this Hellebore is bee friendly and offers some resistance to deer and rabbits. Needing little maintenance and being drought tolerant (once established), it is also a glorious candidate for planting in a slate grey or stone-coloured container.

Pot size: 4.5L

Common Name: Hellebore

Height x Spread: 30cm x 30cm

Position: Partial shade

Aspect: Any, sheltered

Preferred Soil: Moist, well-drained soil

Flowering Period: December – April

Care: Leave foliage to protect the young buds, but as the hellebore flowers, remove the old foliage to reveal the flowers, this looks good and helps to prevent disease.

Harmful if eaten; may also cause skin allergy.