Helleborus x ericsmithii Gold Collection Shooting Star

Helleborus Shooting Star


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One of a new strain of Gold Collection evergreen hellebores, this sturdy hybrid forms a low mound of large, leathery, evergreen, green leaves. This gorgeous hellebore produces mounds of large, outward-facing single creamy-white flowers, with a slight burgundy blush and greenish tinge, appear on strong red stems from late autumn to early spring. Both the flowers and the rich green leaves last well and are popular in cut flower arrangements.
A useful low growing perennial for ground cover. Ideal planted with other dappled-shade loving plants like ferns, tiarellas, alchemillas and hostas. Hellebores also provide a valuable source of nectar to foraging insects, especially bees, when little else is in flower.
 Pot Size: 4.5L