Helleborus x hybridus Double Chocolate

Helleborus Double Chocolate


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Helleborus x hybridus Double Chocolate has deliciously dark reddish-purple double flowers with rich, golden centres. Nodding or outward facing, and saucer shaped, the gorgeous blooms appear from late winter into early spring. The leathery, deeply lobed dark green leaves form a clump, making this hellebore a useful ground cover plant.

Easy to look after, plant Lenten Roses in semi-shade under shrubs and trees or in a woodland garden. As an added bonus, the flowers attract early foraging insects, especially bees, for nectar.

Hellebores are perfect for adding colour and foliage interest to a shady border or woodland area, especially as they are resistant to deer and rabbits, or for adding early interest to the front of a mixed border. They tend to be in flower at a time of the year when little else is.

Leave the leaves to protect the young buds, but as the hellebore comes into flower cut away all the old foliage so the flowers are revealed, this not only looks stunning but often helps prevent disease by removing last season's foliage.

Pot size: 3L

Pot size: 2L

Common Name: Harvington Hellebore

Height x Spread: 60cm x 90cm

Position: Partial shade

Aspect: Any, sheltered

Preferred Soil: Moist, well-drained soil

Flowering Period: February – April

Planting Instructions: Water in the container, some hours before planting. Prepare a large enough hole and enrich soil with compost. Remove plant from container and plant, taking care not to damage the roots. Firm soil around plant. Water and check regularly keeping moist until established.

Care: Remove spent flowers. Divide while flowering.

Harmful if eaten; may also cause skin allergy.