Ilex meserveae Little Rascal

Ilex meserveae Little Rascal


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Ilex meserveae Little Rascal is a charming holly that, being evergreen, adds interest to the garden in the winter. It is especially attractive due to the warm, coppery blush that infuses the small, incised leaves, which are in turn held on pretty, burgundy stems. It can also be used en masse for low hedging. 

Compact, bushy and slow growing it is ideal (especially since it prefers an acid soil), planted in a decorative container – the foliage colour complements patinated zinc. (Please see details for growing requirements.)

Pot size: 4.5L

Common Name: Blue holly, blue leaved shell holly

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Height and Spread: 50cm-100cm x 50cm-100cm in 10-20 years

Foliage: Evergreen

Preferred Soil Type: Fertile, humus-rich, well drained soil; thrives in slightly acid soils

Aspect: Any aspect

Position: Full or partial sun

Please note: Ilex meserveae Little Rascal will grow but doesn't thrive in the alkaline soil of the Cotswolds, so we recommend you plant in pots with ericaceous compost.