Skimmia japonica Finchy

Skimmia japonica Finchy


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Skimmias are attractive evergreen shrubs that produces an abundance of dense panicles of tiny fragrant flower buds, that form in September, hold all winter, resembling tiny berries. In spring they open as star-shaped flowers. Native to parts of South East Asia, skimmias have glossy, leathery ovate leaves that are aromatic, releasing a citrus scent if crushed.

S. Finchy is an upright, bushy, compact variety with mid-green leaves and white-pink buds from which burst creamy-white flowers in spring. The bees love these flowers! It is a male form of skimmia, so it won't bear berries itself, but it will pollinate any nearby female skimmias. It is pest resistant.

One of the best choices for planting in a patio pot and shady areas, for a winter display.

Pot Size: 2L

Common Name: White Bud Skimmia

Hardiness: Hardy

Height and Spread: 100cm x 60cm

Foliage: Evergreen

Preferred Soil Type: Fertile, lime free, moist, humus-rich chalk or loam (in pots, use ericaceous)

Aspect: Any, exposed or sheltered

Position: Partial shade / Full shade

Flowering Period: April – May