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Designed in Britain and made from recycled materials, these innovative, contemporary panels, posts and fixings from award-winning architectural designer Stark and Greensmith are strong, long lasting, affordable and elegant. They require practically no maintenance and last far longer than traditional, dull wooden fencing, with an estimated lifespan of 25 years.

Made from strong 3mm steel, powder-coated to match the posts, these terrace feet are designed to fix the posts in all our garden screen designs, in both the Aluminium and the Corten finishes, to a hard surface such as a terrace or patio. If you are using concrete to mount the posts into the ground, you will not need these.

Colour: Grey-black

Material: 3mm powder-coated steel

Dimensions: H:20.5cm, W:20cm, D:10cm

Weight: 2.6kg

You will need to arrange installation yourself. Please refer to the installation guide and contact a registered installer to arrange installation before ordering.

The panels are affixed by steel clamps to aluminium posts, which themselves are set in concrete, just like traditional fence posts, or to hard ground using terrace 'feet'. You will need to order the appropriate number of posts, clamps, post end caps and, if necessary, terrace feet.

Your panelled screen set including the posts and all fixings will be delivered directly to you from the manufacturer in 7–10 working days. A delivery charge of £60 will be applied to each order.

Before placing your order, consider what you will need:

For High panels (full height):

  • First (or standalone) panel: 1 x High Panel, 2 x Posts, 2 x Post End Caps, 6 x Panel Clamps, 2 x Terrace Foot (only if surface mounted)
  • Each subsequent panel: 1 x High Panel, 1 x Post, 1 x Post End Cap, 6 x Panel Clamps, 1 x Terrace Foot (only if surface mounted)

For Low panels (half height) – currently only available in Branches design:

  • First (or standalone) panel: 1 x Low Panel, 1 x Post (cut in half to form 2 x 1.2m posts), 2 x Post End Caps, 4 x Panel Clamps, 2 x Terrace Feet (only if surface mounted)
  • Each subsequent panel: 1 x Low Panel, 0.5 x Post, 1 x Post End Cap, 4 x Panel Clamps, 1 x Terrace Foot (only if surface mounted)

Your checklist:

  1. Panel height? (High/Low)
  2. Panel design?
  3. Finish? (Powder-coated Aluminium or Corten Steel)
  4. Number of Panels?
  5. Number of Posts?
  6. Number of Post End Caps?
  7. Number of Panel Clamps?
  8. Number of Terrace Feet, if necessary?

How to order

  1. Start at the Panel height and finish you have chosen
  2. Select your design from the drop-down list
  3. Add the quantity of Panels to your basket
  4. Amend the quantities of the Required Products to match your needs
  5. Click on Recalculate at the bottom of the page to update your basket
  6. (If necessary, click Continue Shopping to add Terrace Feet, and click Recalculate again)
  7. To enable Shipping*, click on Calculate
  8. Enter your county from the drop-down list (for London, select Greater London) and type in your post code (with a space)
  9. Click on Get Rates, and then Proceed
  10. From your Basket, click on Proceed to Checkout
*A flat £60 delivery charge will be added per order for all products from this range. The order will be delivered directly from the supplier.