Corten Steel Water Feature, Low Drum

Low Drum Corten Steel Water Feature


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With a wonderfully industrial edginess, this Corten Steel Water Feature in the form of a low drum, adds a sophisticated modern vibe to a contemporary garden space. The feature comprises a raised, flat steel bed, which is totally immersed in water, enhancing the beautiful tones of the weathered steel underneath. From the centre of this bed, a gurgling spring of water bubbles up and as it drops, forms a ripple of concentric circles in the round pool. The water from the pool laps over the edge of the bed and is recycled up through the spout by a silent pump and is illuminated by a LED light. 

Not only is the visual effect relaxing, especially if caught in dappled sunlight, but the noise created by the water is slightly exaggerated by the steel drum and the sound becomes wonderfully relaxing and hypnotic.

Corten steel was developed in the US in the 1930s as an industrial process, valued because the steel alloy reacted to exposure to the weather in a controlled way, which mitigated the need for paint. Over time, Corten builds up a stable and protective, rust-like layer of oxide and for this reason it is also known as weathering steel. It is the very beauty of this burnt orange patina that has made it so popular as a medium for sculpture.

Due to the contained design of this feature, it can be used as part of an interior design, as well as in the garden.


Material: Corten steel (3mm thick), aluminium lining (4mm thick), stainless steel fastening

Additional: 1 water spout and pump, I LED light. The feature does not require a water supply, it works by recycling water from the catch reservoir and a built in submersible pump, pumps it into the back reservoir. 

Fitting: Electricity supply required (3 pin UK plug included)

Dimensions: H: 40cm, Dia: 120cm

Weight: 93kg

Note: The feature will be delivered in an unweathered condition, the process of oxidization will take 4-5 months. 

This modern water feature is completely self contained, so does not require a water supply. It works by recycling water from the catch reservoir and pumping it into the back reservoir. A built in submersible pump is included, which comes with a 3 pin UK plug. Can be used indoors or outdoors.

Care: Annual cleaning is recommended by removing coarse dirt using clean tap water.

Winter: Use of a pond de-icer is recommended. Always remove the plug from the power socket in case of frost. Lower the water level to at least 10cm below the edge. The pump can remain in the waterif the above conditions are fulfilled. 

This item will be directly delivered to you from the manufacturer within four weeks, who currently operate on a kerbside-delivery basis. For this service, a charge of £50 will be added to your order.

For more details on delivery and lead times of your order, please get in touch and a member of our Plants and Gardens team will be able to help you.

Please note that these water features arrive partly assembled: the water feature arrives as one piece, but the light and pump will need to be installed by a qualified electrician, due to having a European plug.