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Sprinkler on a Spike


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This sprinkler's die-cast zamak base and brass head have been crafted to the highest of standards by French manufacturer, Boutté. With a 360° spray, it can quench the thirst of even the largest garden (it has the potential to reach a water pressure of six bars) and can be adjusted to watering needs, whether this be a a more precise shower or a finer stream. This versatility makes this sprinkler an essential item for any gardener and a happy garden.

With over 150 years of experience in the metal turning industry, this family-run Picardy company knows a thing or two about precision engineering, and this sprinkler is no exception. The blend of traditonal craft and modern materials gives you a sprinkler that will perform in the heat of many summers, with a durability which will outlive its plastic counterparts. All that whilst providing a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the modern garden!

Dimensions: H: 32cm W: 5.7cm L: 12cm

Weight: 430g

Material: Zamak spike with brass sprinkler and hose connector

Water Pressure: Up to six bars

Max coverage: 615 square meters

Care: Apply warm soapy water and wipe with a soft, damp cloth