Zinc Leaf Balls

Zinc Leaf Balls


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These striking zinc balls comprise numerous individually cut and shaped leaves, layered and hand welded onto a spherical frame. With pleasingly soft, rounded outlines, these garden ornaments provide permanent, sculptural structure in the garden, perfectly complementing surrounding plants.

Set in groups of threes and fives with the other sized Leaf Balls, alongside topiary globes (Buxus sempervirens or IIex crenata) for pleasing visual repetition, or contrast with undulating lines of silver foliage, for example Angel Wings (Senecio candicans).

The natural colour of zinc has a beautiful aged patina which gives depth to its appearance. Any small blemishes and imperfections are characteristic of this hand-made product. Each ornamental ball sits on an integral ring for ease of placement.

Choose from five sizes.

Please note: This item is made to order and will be delivered directly from the manufacturer. Please bear with us as delivery is a little delayed due to the pandemic. You will be advised of an estimated date when you place the order.


Small: H:30cm, Dia:25cm; weight: 6kg
Medium: H:45cm, Dia:40cm; weight: 11kg
Large: H:55cm, Dia:50cm; weight: 19kg
Extra Large: H:75cm, Dia:70cm; weight: 31kg
Extra Extra Large: H:95cm, Dia:90cm; weight: 45kg

Care: Damage to the protective coating might cause rust but this can be easily treated.

This item will be delivered directly to you from the manufacturer or supplier within eight weeks. A charge of £50 per delivery will be added to this order.