Aunt Lucy Steiff Bear

Aunt Lucy Steiff Bear


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Steiff, the renowned German toy makers, have produced a new, limited edition of Paddington’s Aunt Lucy Bear and she is almost irresistible.

Marmalade-loving Paddington Bear has been part of the British psyche since being unleashed upon the unsuspecting world by Michael Bond in 1958. So different from the other famous storybook bear (the delightful but ponderous Pooh), Paddington is energetic, enterprising and accident-prone. Behind many such charming characters, are loving and steadfast women, in this case, Paddington’s Aunt Lucy. It is she who waves him off from his home in ‘darkest Peru’ to begin his adventures in London.

Steiff has been typically precise: Paddington and his aunt are spectacled bears (a name derived from the real Peruvian bear’s unique facial markings) and, true to her breed, Aunt Lucy wears a pair of gold rimmed glasses poised on her sandy-coloured snout. The rest of her fur is dense, dark brown mohair tipped with chestnut, over which she wears a marled amber coloured felt coat with serviceable wooden buttons. To repel rain forest weather, Aunt Lucy carries a floral umbrella and sports a floppy felt hat, jauntily worn over one ear to reveal the iconic Steiff button in the other.

The traditional Steiff bear features are there, from the felt paws, to the beady glass eyes, jointed limbs, movable head, and beautifully stitched mouth. But Aunt Lucy is a rare bear and is intended more as a heritage toy or collector’s item, so has flat felt feet that allow her to stand up for display.

Materials: Mohair fur and felt detail, glass eyes, wire glasses, wooden beads and buttons, felt coat, nylon and plastic umbrella

Dimensions: H:38cm, W:28cm, D:22cm

Care: Surface washable only, shake and gently comb fur, allow to dry at room temperature

Supplied in special Steiff presentation box with numbered limited edition certificate

Please note this product is not a toy and is intended for display or adult collectors only.