Handmade Backgammon Burl Set

Backgammon Set


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This sophisticated game will keep you and your guest entertained for hours. Inlaid with pearl elements that give an iridescent finish, the set is a result of the art of Marquetry, being the art of applying pieces of various materials to form decorative patterns and designs. Handcrafted and finished by a Greek family who specialise in making vintage board games, their skilled craftmanship and flawless manufacturing techniques are passed down from generation to generation, resulting in creations that carry their soul and legacy, along with a hint of Greek civilisation.

This set includes the following:

  • 30 Mother of Pearl checkers
  • 4 dice
  • 1 doubling cube
  • 1 set of Wooden Dice Cups
  • I board with wenge, mahogany and walnut elements

Dimensions: 48 x 30cm

Weight: 2.8kg



Wooden Case: Laminated wood in a light walnut colour

Playing Field: Wenge, Mahogany and Walnut wood with Pearl elements

Game Pieces: Wood, ranging from olive, walnut, mahogany, walnut, rosewood and ebony


These game sets are varnished and carefully crafted. However, to ensure a lifetime of fun please follow the below care instructions:

  • Avoid humidity and water contact
  • Clean only with a dry cloth
  • Avoid any chemical use near the set and game pieces, as this could cause discolouring to occur.