Musgo Real Shaving Brush

Musgo Real Shaving Brush


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The shaving brush is the ultimate accessory to ensure a sleek and streamlined shaving experience. The Musgo Real shaving brush has an elegant wooden handle and synthetic fibres that are carefully handmade, making it the perfect addition to your routine.

The synthetic Silvertip Fibres® improve the performance of the shaving brush, drying faster than traditional animal hair, increasing its durability.

Why not use with the Musgo Real Bowl with Soap for the complete Musgo shaving experience.

Box size: H: 11cm, W: 5cm, D: 5cm

Care advice:

  • Immediately after use, rinse thoroughly under running water to prevent soap residue damaging the fine hair on the brush head.
  • Dry with the bristles pointing down.
  • Do not clean with chemical detergents.