Neom Bath and Shower Drops

Neom Bath and Shower Drops


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Sometimes one needs a helping hand to unwind and relax, or prepare for a busy day ahead, and these Neom Bath and Shower Drops do the trick rather well.

Neom uses a blend of 24 of the purest essential oils, including skin smoothing organic safflower oil and Vitamin E. Just drop three or four full pipettes of oil into a warm bath, or to your décolletage before taking a shower, and let the scents and oils work their magic.

Available in four scents, each has its strengths - whether it's lavendar to induce a peaceful night's sleep, or wild mint and mandarin to help prepare you for the day ahead.

Choose from:
  • Energy Burst - Grapefruit, lemon and rosemary to stimulate and help lift the spirits
  • Great Day - Wild mint and mandarin for a calm and can-do approach to the day ahead
  • Real Luxury - Lavendar, Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood for a comforting and calming effect on mind and body
  • Tranquility/Perfect Nights's Sleep - English Lavender, Sweet Basil & Jasmine to calm and relax for a good night's sleep


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