Woodsman Beard Bundle

Norse Woodsman Beard Bundle


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For the shaving traditionalist, what better way to end your morning routine ritual than with this Beard Bundle kit.

The Beard Oil is packed with natural essential oils and antibacterial agents that will leave your beard smelling great and looking healthy, helping to soften and tame your beard.

The Beard Balm is to help you style your beard and give you a well-nourished beard that will hold a style throughout the day.

These Woodsman Beard Bundle products smell divine and use essential oils, including peppermint, tea tree and cedarwood which offer a variety of benefits, helping to reinvigorate, heal and improve circulation.

Bundle contains:

  • 100% Natural 28g Beard Balm in Woodsman 'minty wood' fragrance (Top note: Reinvigorating Peppermint; Middle note: Healing Tea Tree Oil; Bottom note: Circulation boosting Cedar Wood and natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory Sandalwood).

  • 100% Natural 50ml Beard Oil in Woodsman fragrance (as above).